[Foundation-l] Black and White

Durova nadezhda.durova at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 23:50:52 UTC 2007

She was talking about Michael and Eric leaving the board (damn it) and then
?I feel there are two paths for the future. Either we keep a board mostly
made of community members (elected or appointed), who may not be top-notch
professionals, who can do mistakes ??.., but who can breath and pee
wikimedia projects, dedicate their full energy to a project they love,
without trying to put their own interest in front. A decentralized
organization where chapters will have more room, authority and leadership.
There was a point I made that got lost in the shuffle: these are not
necessarily binary choices.  I suggest we look very carefully at the subset
of volunteer contributors who also have the career experience suitable for
board membership.


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