[Foundation-l] Fwd: for an academic endorsement of wikipedia articles?

Dirk Riehle dirk at riehle.org
Mon Dec 17 22:07:38 UTC 2007

Academic papers reference other written work for many purposes. The
most common one is to position one's own work, so you refer to what's
come before your work or working going on in parallel and how your's
is different. For a variety of reasons you won't or shouldn't find
that work on Wikipedia.

Still, there are good reasons for referencing Wikipedia, typically
ancillary, and not for original research. Examples that come to mind
are "for a short introduction on X, see Wikipedia article on X" or "as
the editing frequency of X on Wikipedia shows, the topic X is of much
broader interest than Y which hasn't seen a revision in months."

I don't see many folks objecting to the second type of use.


On Dec 17, 2007 1:49 PM, Thomas Dalton <thomas.dalton at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Perhaps we could submit a few of the better articles to academic journals.
> > And see how that goes. I'm sure we would learn a lot just from trying.
> What academic journals take encyclopaedic articles? Don't they
> generally want original research, which our articles certainly are
> not?
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