[Foundation-l] Foundation Discretion Regarding Personnel Matters

David Goodman dgoodmanny at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 13:05:45 UTC 2007

Working from the actual facts, she was questioned after returning from
a Board Meeting in the Netherlands that ended on June 3, and was
removed from the WM staff page on July 10. There presumably was a
reason. It was either connected with the questioning at the
immigration and thus presumably some at least of the criminal matters,
or it was unrelated altogether. If it was unrelated, then at this
point it is reasonable for the WMF to keep the details confidential.
If not, they knew some at least of the criminal concerns.

My working hypothesis, from the crimes you said you did not know
about, is that the DUI and hit-and-run were in fact known to you. In
this case, I can understand perfectly both why you would have wanted
to terminate the employment, and also why you would have wanted to
keep it confidential at the time. Most employers would. I would have

Or are you prepared to state that it was wholly unrelated? In which
case did none of you  at WMF know of the immigration stop, or did you
fail to pursue the details adequately?

>  (shooting people? fraud? fugitive from justice? yow!).

David Goodman, Ph.D, M.L.S.

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