[Foundation-l] Foundation Discretion on Personnel Matters

Jimmy Wales jwales at wikia.com
Sun Dec 16 03:25:58 UTC 2007

Nathan Awrich wrote:
> Thank you Mike, Florence, Jimmy and Kat for being so responsive to
> pointed questions from someone you've never heard of. It speaks well
> of you and the Foundation. I may have a couple more questions later on
> (and I'm still curious about the bylaws issue) but I very much
> appreciate the answers you have provided.

And thank you for the thanks.  There are certain "regulars" on this list 
who can be counted on to protest about everything until the cows come 
home no matter what happens, and so it can sometimes be exhausting to 
work as hard as we do to get things right and not have any appreciation.

We are human and can make errors.  And getting beaten up for errors is 
no fun but understandable and part of what it takes to get up in life 
and try to do something important.

It really means a lot to have the kind of pat on the back you just gave us.

At least we've gotten Thomas Dalton down to the point that his main 
complaint seems to be that we did not, in the space of a couple of hours 
between an interview and a story publication, launch our own full-scale 
investigation *and publish it*.

For that, I am prepared to say: nonsense, we would never do that, it 
would be idiotic to even try.


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