[Foundation-l] Foundation Discretion Regarding Personnel

Brian McNeil brian.mcneil at wikinewsie.org
Sat Dec 15 15:10:27 UTC 2007

Dan Rosenthal wrote:
>That's hardly legal research. If the Wikinews volunteers are that good  
>at real legal research they can help me write my next memo.

Exactly.  The process carried out by Mike and Jason was digging for
corroborating sources for a news report. While that might be held to a
fairly high standard it is not enough from a liability viewpoint to base
hire and fire decisions upon. For liability reasons I would assume it would
be common sense to use a background checking service as opposed to DIY

As a FYI for all the people doing "chicken little" impersonations about
this, I have just waded, chronologically, through every single Google-listed
story right back to when the Register broke their "scoop". There is ONE
listed source that also covered the story.

Everyone else is drooling over their keyboards in an effort to spin Google's
"knol"s as a "Wikipedia killer".

Brian McNeil

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