[Foundation-l] Port scans?

Domas Mituzas midom.lists at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 10:02:14 UTC 2007


> It seems very unlikely that anyone would do a port scan from the
> wikimedia servers. I would guess it's someone spoofing the source IP
> address, although I can't see much point in that beyond causing an
> annoyance (which is more than enough reason for some people).

Of the usual cause is simply firewall gone nuts (it is the usual case  
in such situations).
I'd suggest ditching the firewall, unless one can really understand  
what it does and all it's bugs.

And that report looks like simple reading of Wikipedia was trapped as  
an attack. Way to go.

Domas Mituzas -- http://dammit.lt/ -- [[user:midom]]

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