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Mark Bergsma mark at wikimedia.org
Thu Dec 6 09:30:53 UTC 2007

THURNER rupert wrote:
> hi,
> anybody knows how much bandwith wikimedia is using currently? thanks
> to tim i just saw the post from brion at
> http://leuksman.com/log/2007/06/07/wikimedia-page-views/  with the 7
> billion / month pageviews for all wikimedia projects.

That is already outdated though.

> does this mean
>  * we have > 300 mio page views per day
>  * we have 300 mio * 100k = 30 gb per day data volume
>  * and then there is some traffic from kennisnet
> ?

30 GB per day?! You can't be serious... we're pushing 30 GB in about a

During peak-time we're doing over 4 Gbits per second.

> what would be our "average page size" and what would be the percentage
> handled by proxies, and kennisnet especially?

Kennisnet handles about half of it all. Proxies serve between 75 and 98%
of requests directly, the rest goes through to the application servers
as misses.

Mark Bergsma <mark at wikimedia.org>
System & Network Administrator, Wikimedia Foundation

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