[Foundation-l] Meeting this week end

Florence Devouard anthere at anthere.org
Thu Dec 6 00:21:23 UTC 2007

Dear community,

Some of you will remember that a meeting was originally planned in
Frankfurt this week end, with representants from WMF and all wikimedia
chapters, to work on organizational issues (such as "who can make
business with who", "who can do fundraising", "how to redistribute money
between organizations" etc...).

This meeting was cancelled because we felt not enough prepared for it to
have much chance to be successful, and suggested another course of events.

The chapters were asked to participate to a survey. The survey
management was led by the chapcoordinator, Delphine. This survey is
pretty long and detailed, with topics such as
* History of the chapter. Basic details (figures, date of creation...)
* Current status of the chapter (membership based organization, non
profit, languages covered...)
* Activities of the chapter (promotion, press, grant development,
software etc...)
* Perception of Wikimedia Foundation activities (does it get involved in...)
* Public recognition of the chapter (by press, government etc...)
* Relationships with the Foundation and other chapters (status,
suggestions for improvement)
* strenghts and weaknesses of the Foundation and of the chapter
* what should be the measures of success of a chapter
* What does the chapter intend to focus on in the future
* etc...

A meeting will occur in Frankfurt this week end, and part of saturday 
will be dedicated to discuss Wikimedia Foundation and chapters issues.
Participants will include WMF board members (Frieda, Jan-Bart and 
myself) and WMF staff members (Sue, Delphine).

The day will include
* Presentation of survey results & analysis
* Discussion of survey results & analysis
* Defining process & timeline for developing proposal and gaining 
approval for it

I am very excited at the prospective of reading the chapter survey
results and analyzing it. I hope it will be useful in the discussions. 
Thank you to all who took the time to complete it.


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