[Foundation-l] Racism in Commons

Waerth waerth at asianet.co.th
Wed Dec 5 20:08:57 UTC 2007

I agree with you George. Unfortunately there is a very strong Western 
Bias on many wikimediaprojects. Because the majority of the people that 
participate come from the west.

> Those are illustrating a very notable, widely publicized public incident.
> Hosting random racist anti-Sharon artwork that is not used in any article on
> any project is not the point of WP Commons.
> If there is equivalent artwork that is attacking Moslems (or Hindus, or
> Buddhists, Jews, Christians, or Pastafarians for all I care) hosted on
> Commons that is not used on any article on any project, those should come
> down too.  If you know of any please let us know so that it can be dealt
> with.
> That we only found one example in one religious alignment so far doesn't
> mean that we shouldn't deal with anything in the same category the same way.

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