[Foundation-l] Racism in Commons

Durova nadezhda.durova at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 19:36:45 UTC 2007

> Why bother? Good old William of Occam would have made a fantastic
> Wikimedian. You've got a simple, quick, and easy solution to a pretty bad
> problem. Why hesitate and go in for something more complicated? Don't
> understand the reason to overcomplicate. Or, alternatively, you could ban
> him from uploading any more politics-related images...
> Honestly, though, if we get to the stage where 50 percent of one guy's
> picture gallery labels him as a Neo-Nazi - complete fringe theory -
> need to learn something from enwiki and toughen up. There's a word for
> we use at enwiki: POV-pushing. This is not acceptable and we don't really
> need any more bad press at the moment, not with Durova/!! all over the
> Register.

En.wikipedia has a lot more problems and disgruntled users than Commons ever
has, and I don't believe it is purely due to size or reputation. We're more
easy-going at Commons and we try to talk to and help people before clicking
the block button and pissing them off - you'd be surprised how many times
I've explained one point of policy to someone who would otherwise have been
blocked for uploading copyvios or such after repeated warnings, and they
realised a point they hadn't understood before and became decent
contributors. Policy and copyright are hard to understand and blocking is
not the way to educate people.

en.wp does not do things perfectly; and no, they aren't the perfect older
sibling for the little ones to look up to. En.wp is more like the rebellious
older sibling who became a rock star and wildly famous, but is also slowly
killing itself with drugs and alcohol. Just because it makes a lot of money
and has a lot of fans doesn't mean the little siblings should mimic its
  (Editor at Large)
Could I ask for a retraction, please?

I've been keeping my head low for two weeks in the hopes that things would
blow over.  Yes, I'm in the Register now.  And unfortunately in a couple of
more mainstream news sources also.  None of them contacted me for comment
before running the story.  And due to the way dispute resolution progressed
I had no fair opportunity to present my side of events onsite, either.

I unblocked the editor as soon as I realized I was mistaken, apologized
repeatedly, sought to make amends, invited scrutiny, and pledged
improvements.  What more can I do?

I'm not Essjay.  I haven't lied about my credentials or misled any
reporters.  I've volunteered for Wikipedia for two years and 20,000 edits
and handled some of the site's most difficult disputes.  Please assume good

This reads like an implication that I've sought this attention, and that I'm
a substance abuser.  None of that is true.


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