[Foundation-l] Racism in Commons

Christiano Moreschi moreschiwikiman at hotmail.co.uk
Wed Dec 5 15:12:44 UTC 2007

Why bother? Good old William of Occam would have made a fantastic Wikimedian. You've got a simple, quick, and easy solution to a pretty bad problem. Why hesitate and go in for something more complicated? Don't understand the reason to overcomplicate. Or, alternatively, you could ban him from uploading any more politics-related images...

Honestly, though, if we get to the stage where 50 percent of one guy's picture gallery labels him as a Neo-Nazi - complete fringe theory - Commons need to learn something from enwiki and toughen up. There's a word for that we use at enwiki: POV-pushing. This is not acceptable and we don't really need any more bad press at the moment, not with Durova/!! all over the Register.


Odi profanum vulgus et arceo.

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> > More seriously, however, Commons need to pull their collective socks up. This is not clever stuff, and I note that the user who added and then edit-warred over these has not been banned yet. If this were enwiki I'd have kicked this guy out ASAP. POV-warriors can't be allowed to run around on the loose on any WMF project.
> >
> You know, there are still projects where we try to resolve things in
> an other way that hitting the block button...
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Who's friends with who and co-starred in what?

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