[Foundation-l] Racism in Commons

Fred Bauder fredbaud at fairpoint.net
Wed Dec 5 12:28:28 UTC 2007

> I do not consider myself a commons member (and I doubt if they do). With
> my previous encounters with the deletion process I found it
> insufficient. Also, I do not wish to promote a community discussion
> about these images. I know that the foundation can call Veto on this,
> and this is why I am requesting this. If the Israeli press gets hold of
> this, it can seriously damage Wikimedia's reputation and our Hebrew
> Wikipedia. People get easily offended in such cases. I am asking the
> Foundation to prevent being on the major news channels in this bad
> light. I do not need to remind you what happened in Denmark and the
> Muslim cartoons - It was a world wide fiasco.
> Yoni Weiden

There will be some extremely negative information, and information about
opinion, regarding Israel and its public figures on Wikipedia. I think
Israelis with common sense expect that.

Those cartoons pose interesting questions about original research,
however. Unless they were published in major newspapers, what status do
they have? They are just a cartoonist's opinion.


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