[Foundation-l] ComProj needs your help - call for volunteers

Sean Whitton sean at silentflame.com
Tue Aug 28 16:28:16 UTC 2007

Dear Wikimedians,

The Communication Projects Group or ComProj was set up some months ago
to provide a venue for collaboration between Wikimedians who want to
help with communication work. We do all sorts of things: preparation
of PR material, reaching out to specific groups to get them involved
in our projects, and encouraging inter-project communication.

While the group was started up by Sandra Ordonez, the Wikimedia
Foundation's Communications Manager, it could in its present form have
been started up by any Wikimedian - Sandy is always there to offer
guidance but she has made it clear she is not in charge and wants the
group to run itself. We do that.

How we work is that communication projects are put forward on our
mailing list, and people can volunteer to take them on in groups or
individually. These can come from all members and, unsurprisingly,
Sandy and Cary Bass, Wikimedia's volunteer co-ordinator at the office.
We also have weekly IRC meetings to discuss our projects.

At the moment we are struggling for members due to August dragging
many people away. Projects are not getting done as fast as they should
be and we could really do with more members. So, if you have an
interest in communications, please drop by
All that we require is that you are willing to put a decent amount of
time into our projects, prioritising it amongst your other valuable

Please distribute this to individual project mailing lists that I may
not be subscribed to, as ComProj is not just for Wikipedia.

Sean Whitton
ComProj chair

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