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Erik Moeller erik at wikimedia.org
Sun Aug 26 14:59:41 UTC 2007

On 8/26/07, Sean Whitton <sean at silentflame.com> wrote:
> Right now we have the Cafepress shop for T-shirts and the like, but in
> general the quality of the products that Cafepress produce is pretty
> low. I am told that whilst gentoo has a shop there, the conference
> organisers actually use a seperate company to produce much the same
> thing for the conferences due to the lack of quality described. While
> I haven't bought any T-shirts from them thus far, other things I have
> bought have been of similar poor quality.

Last time I checked, Vishal was comparing multiple alternatives. This
likely doesn't have any priority right now as the revenue from
merchandising tends to be comparatively small.

I'm fairly happy with everything I've purchased through CP, but I'm
probably about 20 degrees removed from a person who could give an
informed opinion about such matters. That said, mere rumors and
personal anecdotes are not particularly compelling. I'd like to hear
some more substantive criticisms than "poor quality", preferably a
comparison of multiple vendors published in a reliable source. If it's
not sufficiently sourced by Wikipedia's standards of inclusion, it's
not enough to base a decision on. ;-)
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