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FloNight sydney.poore at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 16:35:24 UTC 2007

Honestly, what you are suggesting makes no sense at all to me.

Of course Commons can keep its own Foundation's logo and it's other
copyrighted material. It goes without saying that this exception is
expected. To suggest otherwise seems really odd to me and most other people
I think.

Sydney aka FloNight

On 8/24/07, John Smith <rememberthedot at gmail.com> wrote:
> I don't think that any of the messages posted to this forum have really
> addressed the reason behind the deletion request.
> The Wikimedia Foundation has stated in
> Foundation:Resolution:Licensing_policy that "All projects are expected to
> host only content which is under a Free Content License". This is why, for
> example, we are not allowed to display the Firefox logo in the user space
> (because it is not free enough for Wikimedia).
> Furthermore, in the Foundation-endorsed freedomdefined:Definition, it
> states
> "In most countries however, these freedoms are not enforced but suppressed
> by the laws commonly named *copyright laws*. They consider authors as
> god-like creators and give them an exclusive monopoly as to how "their
> content" can be re-used. This monopoly impedes the flourishing of culture,
> and it does not even help the economic situation of authors so much as it
> protects the business model of the most powerful publishing companies."
> Now, why should copyright held by Wikimedia be any less evil than
> copyright
> held by others? Given this anti-copyright stance of the foundation, it is
> only fair that all non-free content be removed from the Commons, no matter
> who owns the copyright.
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Sydney aka FloNight

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