[Foundation-l] [Wikinews-l] Proposal for the creation of a Wikinews foundation

Craig Spurrier craig at craigweb.net
Wed Aug 22 18:44:18 UTC 2007

David Gerard wrote:
> "support for neutral, free content, citizen journalism" ?
That sounds nice :).
> Make sure to a reasonable extent it's not a target for lawsuits. i.e.,
> it's not the publisher or editor of material on Wikimedia websites,
> only any sites it actually puts up itself with its own resources. (The
> local chapters make sure of this also.)
This is where it becomes rather tricky. We will always be toeing the 
line of publisher/editor. We would take care to try to avoid the chance 
of being considered the publisher/editor, but by providing the support 
that is needed there is always the chance a court would find us to be 
the publisher/editor. This risk is by far the best reason to form a 
separate organization as well as try to keep our assets minimal.

> Indymedia is hardworking and productive, but very very opinionated and
> crusading. Which is a perfectly worthwhile style of journalism ... but
> not what Wikinews does.
Indymedia is a project that has done wonderful things for citizen 
journalism and journalism in general.  Any sort of official involvement 
would by bad for our NPOV, but we can certainly learn a lot from them as 
well as work with them to help build free content news.

-Craig Spurrier
[[n:Craig Spurrier]]

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