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i dont think you got jasons point. He doesnt seem to deny they were made
from a foxnew iip, he just says that the fact that foxnews employees made
the edits fro m foxnews pcs does not mean that foxnews management was
involved. many people use lunch or other sparetime to edit from the office,
without aopproval from their management.

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On 8/21/07, jason safoutin <cute24minbflo at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >Oh lets see... How about the little detail that without confirming
> >evidence there is no reason to believe that an edit made from a Fox IP
> >was an action endorsed by Fox?
> >With the widespread existence of things like open wireless access
> >points we can't even be sure if any particular edit was made by
> >someone employed by For or even using a Fox owned computer.
> >Yet the Wikinews article seems to happily go on and describe every
> >action coming from a company IP was an action of that company.
> >"the BBC had edited", "FOX News, and its parent company, News
> >Corporation had a history of unproductive edits" "FOX also edited"
> >"the CIA had been editing" "FOX's edits" "AP had made a few edits"
> >So would you also say that countless other Wiki(p|m)edians are
> >editing
> >on behalf of their employers every time they edit from home and forget
> >to log out of their VPN? When they edit during a coffee break?
> >Is the only thing protecting me of an accusation of "Greg's employer
> >defends Fox in Wikipedia Whitewashing scandal" the fact that Gmail
> >doesn't send IP addresses?
> >It's sad to see us peddling the same sort of irresponsible journalism
> >that we've seen from the commercial market on this matter. At least in
> >their cases we can give them a pass due to a lack of understanding of
> >the technology.
> >Whats your excuse?
> My excuse...Do you know how IP address work? ONLY individuals employed by
> FOX News Channel, or News Corp have access to those IP addresses. ONLY
> employees are the ones who can log onto the internet with those IPs.
> Its simple. FOX News employees made the edits, as the tool says, under FOX
> News IP addresses, only able tp be used by employees. I or you or anyone
> else is not able to log onto the internet and use their IP ranges. That is
> impossible. This is not whitewashing. We did more than FOX. We did the AP,
> Reuters, MSNBC, CNN, and BBC. and all of those agencies, with the exception
> of FOX News were realitively clean in terms of edits.
> You see, before slam Wikinews and whitewash us, maybe you need to use the
> WikiScanner tool and understand how it works and also understand how IPs
> work as well.
> Jason Safoutin, Wikinews writer, administrator.
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