[Foundation-l] wikipedia, metawiki, wiktionnaire restricted from China AGAIN?

Vincent Mandrilly vmandrilly at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 22 00:46:33 UTC 2007


2 days ago, everything was ok, but from then yesterday or the day before yesterday, I started not being able to see the following websites :


(Note : But www.wikimedia.fr/ is accessible)

Note : The access was just fine from both 2 chinse internet providers in Guangzhou, China, and all the sudden, I couldn't access them on both at home and at work.

- Could you please confirm that it is not the websites that are down ?
- Is this due to a move of host IP to a IP range restricted by chinese internet providers ?
- Or is this due to a new dark age for wikipedia in China ? For the last 3 or 4 months, Chinese pages were restricted but not the other langueges pages....


(Tired of this stupid government who blocks just everything without reason, and they won't even bother to write "sorry, this website is against the law, we restricted access" they just let you believe the page doesnt exists.)

And my software to get through the Internet Great Wall is not working for now.... :-((


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