[Foundation-l] New project - wikicracy

Vincent Mandrilly vmandrilly at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 10 07:39:24 UTC 2007


I think I have a great idea (yes, probably just like everyone posting here 

Wiki and its wikipedia/wikitionnary and other projects proved excellent to 
efficiently build free knowledge for everyone, by everyone cooperating 

I propose today to adapt wiki software (a few add-ons could do it) to create 
a special wiki with the following main characteristics :
- Allow to build cooperative propositions
- Allow to vote on the propositions democratically

The fundamental difference it that this is therefore not to build knowlege 
but to build and adopt decision proposals. The philosophy remains the same : 
everyone with internet access can participate on a collaborative way, and 
safeguards in case of vandalism.

This would be a nice vision for what could become the future of democracy.

More on this page : http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikicracy

Hope for your support or constructive criticism


Vincent Mandrilly

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