[Foundation-l] Florence's presentation on Wikimania

Florence Devouard Anthere9 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 9 10:27:16 UTC 2007


I sent the slides yesterday to Shun, but his mail box rejected the 
document as being too big.

I tried to open it in OpenOffice, and it messed. Text colors being wrong 
mostly. Then, I thought I could open it as ppt and save it as pdf, but 
... powerpoint does not save stuff in pdf...

So... HELP ! :-)
Does someone have a mailbox accepting a powerpoint, to save it as odt or 
as pdf or anything suitable ? Kat, can you help on this ?


Hsiang-Tai (Ted) Chien wrote:
> Once Anthere uploaded the slides, I believe there will be someone helped to
> convert the slides to .odt/.pdf or whatever. :)
> The organization team is still working on the recording videos from DV
> tapes. You could see http://wikimania.tw/streaming/ for some rough taste
> (they are videos from day 2 to day 3 and might have some dropped frames or
> other issues for it's been ripped directly from the live streaming). Day 1
> videos are on DV tapes and not uploaded yet.
> Thanks for Academia Sinica, Taiwan for the support on server.
> --
> H.T. (Ted)
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Htchien
> Think Different, Do Smarter, Work for Joy!!
>> From: Casey Brown
>> Can you send us a link when you upload it? :) I would like to see it as
>> well! :-P
>> On 8/8/07, Florence Devouard <Anthere9 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>> She, not he, please.
>>> I see NO reason why it should not be published. Consider it a ccbysa
>>> generally.
>>> I thought I could upload it this evening, but... the slides are ppt (as
>>> Wikimania participants know...); I just tried to save them in odt, but
>>> it changes the color of the text in various places. I tried to change
>>> the colors to black again and Open Office froze. So just as I explained
>>> a few days ago, I'll use ooo when and only when it deserve the title of
>>> "helpful tool". Meanwhile, Shun, I appreciate your support and will send
>>> you the ppt slides. More interesting perhaps will be the record. But I
>>> have no idea if recording really worked at Wikimania and if or when it
>>> will be stored on our site.
>>> ant
>>> Casey Brown wrote:
>>>> They should be, but isn't (s)he talking about the opening speech?  If
>>> so, I
>>>> don't think *that* will be published, but of course, I could be and
> have
>>>> been wrong.
>>>> On 8/8/07, Christophe Henner <christophe.henner at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>> As far as I know, all the slides of all the presentations will be
>>>>> published.
>>>>> Please easy guys, we are just coming back from Taipei, after a
> journey
>>>>> of nearly 24 hours.
>>>>> On 08/08/07, Casey Brown <cbrown1023.ml at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>>> I do not think it is published anywhere, you are going to have to
>>> e-mail
>>>>> her
>>>>>> for a copy, but keep in mind that she may not have it typed up or
>>> might
>>>>> just
>>>>>> not share! :-P
>>>>>> On 8/8/07, Shun Fukuzawa <shfukuzawa at jcom.home.ne.jp> wrote:
>>>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>>>> I'm Shun, Japanese wikipedian.
>>>>>>> I attended Wikimania and saw Florence's session. I think that was a
>>>>>>> great pretentation.
>>>>>>> Please give me the presentation file. I intend to show it to the
>>>>>>> Japanese people that didn't come to wikimania with my impression.
>>>>>>> Thanks.

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