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Peter van Londen londenp at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 09:11:02 UTC 2007

You did the same thing again, Mr Gerard: explanation seems futile.

For all the other people this is my proposal, how to work with office
actions (probably excluding EN:WP, where office-members might be known).

In order to help the office with these kind of actions.

We have on many projects OTRS-systems in place. If there is a necessity to
delete or change content on an other project then on EN:WP let the
office-people write an e-mail to the OTRS of that particular project (these
e-mail addresses have been made available to the Office).
Copyright/privacy/slander is a good reason for speedy  or immediate
deletion, so OTRS-people can take care of that and immediately.

*action is just as fast
*deleting content will be more readily accepted by the community if a
community member does the deletion; this will prevent partly reuploading,
but also take care of immediate redeletion in case of reuploading
*deleting this copyright is now made the responsibility of the community, so
that the office does not need to follow this up frequently (and loose a lot
of valuable time for that).
*there is no need for yet another policy, nor the introduction of the policy
to all the different communities

For smaller communities (which until now do not have this problem anyhow)
without an OTRS other people could be used for office actions, that is for
example stewards.

In my opinion the Foundation can trust the trusted people (admins,
bureaucrats and stewards) to do the right thing, certainly as the Foundation
still has a lot of credit out there.

Kind regards, Londenp

2007/4/25, David Gerard <dgerard op gmail.com>:
> On 25/04/07, Peter van Londen <londenp op gmail.com> wrote:
> > Is it ridiculous, really? Is this your normal way of communication Mr
> > Gerard?
> Er, no, it's because you made a ridiculous statement. The rest of your
> answer doesn't actually follow logically from *anything* I said.
> Please try responding again.
> - d.
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