[Foundation-l] Sat-Ed - Rural Education

John Hawker Sat-Ed hawkerj at sat-ed.com
Thu Apr 26 04:31:59 UTC 2007

Dear Wikipedia Foundation,

My apologies if this is inappropriate or considered spam.

I read today with great interest the story on providing the Wikipedia 
most popular stories on a CD.

Sat-Ed provides connectivity to rural sites via satellite.


While we do use Internet at the sites, we are always trying to cache as 
much content on site as possiblem, this is because we need to protect 
the bandwidth as much as possible.

I would be very interested in placing the CD contents on our "Digital 
Library" at our sites and school sites for evaluation.

While I assume the first ones are in English, our prime languages at the 
moment are Thai, Malay and Vietnamese with Mandarin (for mainland China) 

Can you please suggest the technical and marketing people we can talk 
with to arrange this.

We only have a few sites at the moment, in Thailand, schools in Thailand 
and test sites in Ghana, with Vietnam, Malaysia and PRC to follow very soon.

Your thoughts also on what we do and how we can improve greatly welcome.

Kind Regards

John Hawker


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