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Peter van Londen londenp at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 19:57:55 UTC 2007

Is it ridiculous, really? Is this your normal way of communication Mr

It is everywhere the same: one tries to demonize a message/person by taking
a small part of a bigger message to try to discredit the total message and
credibility of a certain person. I don't like this way of communication at
all, it is unworthy. Besides it gives an idea that the total message has not
been read by you.

No idea how you come to the conclusion I would mean that the Foundation is
een EN:WP matter forced on the rest of the projects, I wil give one comment
on that:  The Foundation still has a lot of credit in the smaller
communities, which, by needing this policy for EN:WP, seems to be different
for EN:WP.

It was a problem on the EN:WP, right?
This policy was made for solving this problem on the EN:WP, right?
Until now I guess it was debated on EN:WP only right?
Need I to go on?

Anyhow: you can put this policy projects-wide, without proper informing
other projects, without giving them the possibility to have their say, it
will not be your problem, but the problem for the office once they try to
enforce this, when necessary, on an project where this was not properly
introduced. There is an easier and less bureaucratic way: use the network of
trusted people.

Kind regards, Londenp

2007/4/25, David Gerard <dgerard op gmail.com>:
> On 25/04/07, Peter van Londen <londenp op gmail.com> wrote:
> > In fact it is a EN:WP rule forced on the rest of the projects, without
> > asking consent or informing the other projects in a proper way.
> This is a ridiculous statement, unless you consider the Foundation is
> an en:wp matter forced on the rest of the projects.
> The office policy page came about on en:wp *after* Danny had had to
> start zapping things without being able to spend thousands of words on
> a talk page explaining why.
> - d.
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