[Foundation-l] BitTorrent Downloads

Steve Sanbeg ssanbeg at ask.com
Wed Apr 25 15:33:39 UTC 2007

On Tue, 24 Apr 2007 17:22:57 -0600, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:

> Since I have open sourced the wikix program, now anyone wanting the 
> images can download them directly from Wikipedia. 
> I am in process of restructuring the WikiGadugi site, so anyone wanting 
> the bittorrent downloads need to finish up this week,
> as I will discontinue them shortly since folks now have the ability to 
> download them directly.   The wikix program
> is not very intensive on the main Wikimedia servers.   The program is 
> setup to behave as several workstations, and it really
> does not take that long to get the images. 

I was under the impression that bulk downloads needed to be throttled, and
that it would take a lot longer than that to download everything.  Does
this just grab the images as fast as it can get them?  Is that allowed?

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