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So the problems that OFFICE is intended to resolve can only occur on the  
English Wikipedia? Or alternately, so the office is only responsible for the  
English Wikipedia? 
To the best of my knowledge (and I was there), the policy was put into  place 
by Jimbo in his then capacity as Chair of the Board, with the support of  
Brad, in his then capacity as ED. Both these titles were  foundation-wide--i.e., 
Jimbo was chair of the board of the Wikimedia Foundation,  not just the 
English Wikipedia, and Brad was ED of the Wikimedia Foundation, not  just the 
English Wikipedia. 
To me this seems like yet another attempt to isolate the office from the  
other projects. 
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cbrown1023 at comcast.net writes:

For  those who do not  know,

This  policy has been mislabeled "Wikimedia-wide" official policy until  last
evening (EST) when Anthere and I (Cbrown1023) cleaned up the page  and
brought it up to date.  Currently, it is just "Wikimedia" official  policy.
There is no doubt by any that the Office cannot do anything it  wants
(basically what this policy states) but the part that needs to be  clarified
is if it really is "Wikimedia-wide".  Recently, we declined  two requests on
Meta to move or transwiki the policy page to Meta because  it is labeled as
"Wikimedia-wide official policy", but we denied it because  it is not in use
on all of Wikimedia and it appears that it was not  intended for use outside
of the English Wikipedia at its creation.   The first statement that it was
used elsewhere was added by an anonymous  editor
35379&oldid=93466899>  &diff=93535379&oldid=93466899), before that it had
said "official  policy on the English Wikipedia".  (Then it changed at least
twice  more:
58664&oldid=97871051>  &diff=99458664&oldid=97871051  and
30111&oldid=99458664>  &diff=99530111&oldid=99458664).

Anthere and I deduced that it  was not really official Wikimedia policy and
could be made to be one of it  was approved by either the Board of Trustees
or the future Executive  Director.  I for one, would like clarification on
this policy and its  stance in Wikimedia.  Everything else, to our knowledge,
has been  updated and clarified.

Casey  Brown

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