[Foundation-l] A modest proposal: ads on wikipedia.com

cohesion cohesion at sleepyhead.org
Mon Apr 23 17:27:24 UTC 2007

I'm not opposed to having opt-out advertising on wikipedia.org, but I
don't really understand why we would want to dilute our url structure
and pagerank on *every* term by creating a weird commercial non-fork.

If people are concerned about ads being bad then you shouldn't have
ads anywhere.

If people are concerned about making too much money (a legitimate
concern I think) then just put ads on some pages, or throttle the ads
with ads for non-profits, or with nothing. Google does this already
now, I'm sure they would be willing to work with us.

I really don't think it's a good idea to split the domains. URL
authoritativeness is one of the key benefits of wikipedia, that it
allows for a somewhat authoritative link to almost anything. I don't
see the benefit of taking this away. Opt-out is better, heck opt-in is
better. There is no reason to mess with the url.

This issue is in addition to what Erik brings up, do we really want a
distinction between the editable and not editable? Why? "The
encyclopedia that anyone can edit, right after you navigate to a very
similiar but not exact url"?


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