[Foundation-l] RecentChangesCamp Montreal / "RoCoCoCamp", 18-20 May 2007

Evan Prodromou evan at prodromou.name
Mon Apr 23 15:06:46 UTC 2007

Hello, everyone! Many of you have already received personal invitations
to attend RecentChangesCamp Montreal; for those of you who we've missed,
I wanted to send this broadcast message.

RecentChangesCamp is a world-wide "unconference" for wiki technologists,
wiki users and wiki admins. Also invited are people from related
technology and community practises, as we look for common ground on
community, collaboration, and self-organizing behaviour. The event is
free of charge for all participants. The previous two RecentChangesCamp
events in Portland have been extremely fun and interesting for

RecentChangesCamp Montreal ("RoCoCoCamp") will be held in Montreal,
Quebec from 18-20 May 2007. It will be a three-day conference with the
agenda set by the participants, using [[Open Space Technology]].


No keynotes, no hours-long slide presentations, no conference tracks:
the emphasis of RecentChangesCamp is on bringing together smart,
talented people for productive, peer-to-peer talks.

People involved with or concerned about the Wikimedia Foundation are
strongly encouraged to attend. Not only will there be opportunities to
talk about and work on Foundation issues with other WMF participants,
but there will also be participants from other non-profit and for-profit
wiki organizations as well. It's a great opportunity for sharing WMF
experiences and for gathering information about the rest of the wiki

If you would like to attend, please sign up on our wiki:


We're arranging lodging for a variety of budgets (from couch-surfing to
the Hyatt). Travel to Montreal can be quite inexpensive; North Americans
can find reasonable flights, and rail travel from the East Coast is both
accessible and affordable.  Europeans are especially encouraged to look
at discount Transatlantic flyer Zoom Airlines.

Please check out our wiki if you have any questions; also feel free to
contact anyone in our all-volunteer organizing group. You can write to
me directly or call my cell phone (+1-514-554-3826).



Evan Prodromou <evan at prodromou.name>

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