[Foundation-l] [Wikizine] Request for assistance, publicity, Wikizine Auf Deutsch

Walter Vermeir walter at wikipedia.be
Sun Apr 22 11:27:50 UTC 2007

Hi all,

# Assistance

I am [[meta:user:Walter ]], the one making Wikizine, my little
newsletter.  Until now Wikizine is nearly completely created by myself.
I have assistance in copyediting, what is very useful and needed. It
improves the quality of the newsletter. But does not make a newsletter.

It becomes harder and harder to keep it up to make every week a new
Wikizine alone and keep an acceptable level of quality.

Because of that I am looking for someone who can become a new core
editor who is capable and willing to construct Wikizine on a long time
basis. Someone who can actually help to write wikizine. That is finding
the relevant news and writing a short item about it in accordance with
the concept and style of Wikizine.

Helping out by writing stuff for the "Did you know" or "Was ist das?"
items  that are not related with the current events of reporting news
from your home wiki is also useful. But a core staff member is what is
really needed.

# Publicity

More readers are always welcome. I hope to get especially exposure to
smaller language projects. If there are more readers then this would
also increase the change that someone will come at the idea to report
news or volunteer to help out with Wikizine.

To subscribe;
mailto:request op wikizine.org?subject=subscribe

Banners to put on a page;

# Wikizine Auf Deutsch

There is new but fragile German translation project. This is also one
person now who does that.  Help with this translation, or maybe write
original content for DE Wikizine, would also be helpful.

Contact  mailto:info-de op wikizine.org

mailto:dewikizine-request op wikizine.org?subject=subscribe

That is all. Thanks for reading this.

Walter Vermeir


Contact: walter AT wikizine DOT org
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