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The  sudden departure Danny without a 
proper transfer of knowledge, combined  with the start of new employees 
and a lot of new things happening make  this an especially trying time 
for them. 

I do not feel it would be right to answer this entire email, though I do  
find it questionable whether a board member should single out one person, by  
name or insinuation, as somehow ineligible to run for the board. I am hoping I  
misunderstood your email. 
On the other hand, I want to be clear about this allegation. After my  
departure, I appeared in the office on several occasions and sat with Carolyn to  
relay any information that I had. I went through all of the information on my  
whiteboard, and I gave her each of my files, explaining to her what they  
contained. She was always and is always free to call me with questions. As  Carolyn 
will surely agree, I considered her a friend more than just a  colleague, and 
will continue to do so. Note that my Rolodex is also in the  office with all 
my important phone numbers. 
Just this morning, long before you sent your email, Carolyn called me  asking 
for access to my old work email, which is on Mark Bergsma's personal  server. 
I had asked Mark for this in the past, but he was reluctant because of  
privacy concerns. When Carolyn asked, I immediately sent an email to Mark   (at 
4/19/2007 9:06:34 AM Eastern Daylight Time) releasing all my emails to  Carolyn 
As for fundraising for Wikimania, I agreed to speak with the intern who is  
currently working on it and cleared an entire afternoon to pass on information  
to him. I found it unfortunate that when we met, he told me he had only 
twenty  minutes so "make it quick."  I have been working at this and similar  
professions since before that intern was born, and found it insulting both to me  
and to the foundation that hired me for my expertise to think that this  
experience could be condensed into a twenty-minute cheat sheet. However, as I  
explained to Carolyn later that day, I am always available to answer questions  and 
share ideas.
I regret that you feel this was inadequate and can only hope that other  
employees acted in the same way, with the same sense of responsibility, when  they 

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