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erik at wikimedia.org writes:

1) The  Wikimedia Foundation is, today, in a better financial position
than it ever  was. In addition to having held the most successful
fundraiser in its  history, we already have commitments for coming
ones, and have had some  in-depth discussions about new strategies to
explore. WMF has successfully  negotiated several contracts about data
feeds (another source of income),  and completed a development contract
for mobile phone access. The financial  sustainability of the
organization is not at  risk.

Sorry, Erik. It just doesnt hold water. This fundraiser was 1 million  
dollars. The last was four hundred thousand dollars. A nice increase but .... 
386,000 came from a single anonymous donor. 60,000 came from Virgin. In  
other words, c. 450,000 of that came from two large donors. User donations then  
came to c. 550,000. In other words, an increase of about 30 percent from the  
last fundraiser. How much did traffic increase in that time? Was it also 30  
percent or closer to 300 percent? 
As for mobile phone access and data feed negotiations, give credit where  
credit is due. Hmm, I think I played the key role in much of that. 

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