[Foundation-l] what do we do in the event the Foundation fails? - Re: Pol...

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Thu Apr 19 09:03:24 UTC 2007

Kelly Martin wrote:

> The Foundation's most valuable asset is the domain name wikipedia.org.
> That domain name alone is worth millions, possibly billions, of
>dollars.  All other assets owned by the Wikimedia Foundation pale in
>comparison.  Honestly, if you handed me the domain "wikipedia.org"
>tonight, I could make myself $100 million by the end of the year by
>turning it into an adfarm with no content at all.  The domain would be
>worthless at the end of that time, but in the meantime I would make a
>ton of money.
>If the Foundation is sued, even sued into oblivion, that domain name
>will continue to be valuable.  Its value will decline with time once
>the content is stripped, but it'll still be worth a great deal of
>money.  It makes sense to take steps to protect it.
>The content hosted by the Foundation is legally worthless.
 From a crassly capitalist perspective that could certainly happen.


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