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I'm trying to understand what you mean by "GUI messages". You mean
customized wiki messages, or the list of messages on the PHP file? Because
the MediaWiki namespace is essentially the PHP message file on the wiki,
plus any added customizations. The default messages are editable on PHP
language files through SVN/bugzilla and on the wiki; the customized messages
are editable only on the wiki. The default messages can be modified to
reflect the customizations through a not-difficult procedure involving

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Ayelie (Editor at Large) wrote:
> Darko, the main issue is that Commons admins have outlined how Yoni can
> translate pages without having sysop access; he can add the translation to
> the talk page of a protected page and add the {{editprotect}} template, or
> he can post them on a subpage of his and ask an admin to add it to the
> proper page.
> He has done NO translations to any of the pages he says he will translate
> he gets sysop rights, stating that it is a "waste of time" doing it in the
> manner we have suggested. He wishes to be granted sysop rights immediately
> despite the fact that he has not yet shown that he is a quality member of
> the Commons community. If he had begun translations on talk pages and
> subpages, made useful contributions, and participated in discussions as is
> expected of administrator candidates then there would have been, by now or
> in time, no problem with granting him sysop access if the community
> However he instead chose to wait and do nothing, then bring people from
> he.wikipedia to vote for him in hopes we would make him a sysop on our
> project.
> Adminship on Commons is based on Commons contributions, and what the user
> has already done and how they have proven to interact with the community.
> Adminship elsewhere or the fact that you run a bot on another wiki does
> mean you automatically qualify to be an administrator on the Commons,
> our work deals mostly with copyrights and images.
> Regards,
> Ayelie
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The GUI messages can't be edited on project online (at least I am 
unaware of that - it could be big flaw in system ), only trough php 
file, Titoxd has posted link to SVN repository of current files. He need 
to modify that file to make translation without  sysop privilege.

Personally fact that he didn't do any translations, dose not mean he 
will not . Everybody need to start some ware, and those files are there 
for reason so everybody can participate in translation of thing they 
like not someone like. You should show more friendly approach, and not 
to sound that dictative - as I am sure that is not your intention.

As I sad I understand that you don't wish to give sysop to anybody, but 
I think that you all lost to much energy on explaining that instead to 
look for solution that was there all time (and some  didn't know about 
it). And that all leaded to untrusty atmosphere, which is not good. You 
look to birocracy like it will solve all problems, but it will not. I 
think that you all lost focus in this.
I so also that someone has talked about "earning trust". I think that it 
is not good to put people in negative position at start, specially that 
this is Internet and this form of communication leave lot of space for 

Please don't judge harsh on me, I just tried to help


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