[Foundation-l] Language subcommittee vs Montenegrin language - show time

Darko Bulatovic mail at itam.ws
Sat Apr 14 13:26:46 UTC 2007

Hello Jesse,

Glad you have joined the thread.
> The language subcommittee exists to promote flourishing wiki
> communities and prevent mistakes made in the past.
I see, but where is mechanism to prevent LSC to make unjust mistakes 
which are based only on their impulse and bad previous experience?
Where LSC protect small communities to provide them clear discussion 
without deliberately spam pushing?
Where is LSC policy on that?
 Current practice enable few people to disable any seriously discussion 
on request page.
>  We are obviously
> not to blame for the separation of the Serbo-Croatian wiki years ago,
> which predates the subcommittee, as Mark suggests. Fortunately, Mark
> later agrees with our position: "I, for one, do not think that would
> have been a bad decision. I do think it would've slowed down growth,
> but it would've helped NPOV and duplication of work."
Blame... yeah that is big problem... that filing is responsible for 
behavior of LSC to take stubborn defense with short unsupported 
autocratic statements, instead to try to find solution and to see good 
in ctiticism.

Instead to serve community and try to help Montenegrins to find solution 
to this situation, LSC calls Montenegrins to be garbage collectors on 
Serbian wikipedia! :)

Intuitive indeed with full respect. Thank you for that.
> Therefore, the subcommittee will *not* allow new projects that are
> likely to be politically biased or duplicative 
Likely? :)
Of what good is that? What you like? How about some fact approach 
instead impulse approach.

> simply because they
> were previously approved by politically-charged, sockpuppet-filled
> votes *before* the subcommittee.
I don't know what happen before, and our request cant fit in any of this 
except that our request was raided by votes against which LSC happily 

LSC should do comprehensive research in this kind of situations, and if 
they are not payed, they should be payed professionals as they role is 
figurative KERBER on the entrance of ROME. And citizens of ROMA dont 
really know that there are some other world outside who are asking to be 
accepted by them not like cheap garbage collectors but as equal members 
of their society.

I am sad that you find Montenegrins are statistical error, and that you 
don't find that Montenegrin language exist, but that is your opinion as 
the opinion of 200.000 of Montenegrins dispute you, and you don't find 
they are relevant and important in any way.

Again I am saying that I will not again promote Montenegrin Wikipedia 
and request any support from WMF community, I am just  point out some 
problems that I have found, and I hope that it will help in future to 
others that will come in same situation.

Thank you,


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