[Foundation-l] Language subcommittee vs Montenegrin language - show time over again

Mark Williamson node.ue at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 12:49:08 UTC 2007

I wonder why it is we allow full Foundation project languages status
to Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian which are, on a good day, national
variants of the same language, but deny it to Montenegrin.

If you will read up on Montenegrin, the form these blokes are writing
actually has quite a few differences to Serbian.

I personally think it would make more linguistic sense for BCS(M) to
all use one Wiki, but apparently we are in the business of making
things actually workable based on reality, so we have already divided
up into 4 Wikipedias to make each group of people most comfortable
editing under the preferred language name -- Bosanski, Hrvatski,
Srpski, or Srpskohrvatski/Hrvatskosrpski.

Now, if you research, you will find that as of 2003, 136,208 people
declared on the census their native language to be Montenegrin, more
than currently declare "Serbocroatian". What about these people?
Currently we are telling them "Your langauge is really just Serbian".

I could support such a policy IF we applied it equally, but we do NOT.
I opposed the creation of the Bosnian Wikisource about 1 year ago.
Where were the LSC members then (I understand that the committee did
not exist then, but none of the members stepped up then to repeat the
mantra they repeat now)??

We have separate Wikipedias in BSC(S/H) as well as in
Malay/Indonesian, two languages which are so similar, the German
Wikipedia only ahs one article for the both of them.

I ask, WHY, why do we deny the Montenegrin Wikipedia? Hmm?


On 13/04/07, Sabine Cretella <sabine_cretella at yahoo.it> wrote:
> It seems you don't understand:
> Montenegrin, besides the script and just two differences, which were
> stated in the various e-mails is the same as Serbian.
> So read that sentence again:
> Instead of going ahead creating unneccessary problems, help to find a
> way to integrate people on the Serbian wikipedia.
> Sorry, but now I really have to do some work.
> Best, Sabine
> Darko Bulatovic schrieb:
> > Sabine Cretella wrote:
> >
> >>
> >> Montenegrin is being requested because of political reasons and that is
> >> understandable quite clearly from various posts about the request on
> >> foundation list.
> >>
> >>
> > I asked you and other members of LSC to give any proof that request was
> > based on political reasons. You gave none, instead you asked me is there
> > TV manuals on Montenegrin language????
> >
> > Please elaborate this statement. It shouldn't be hard for you as I see
> > you are quite repetitive and sure in your statement. If you don't find
> > your self that you are obligated, fine, just say it.
> >
> > And I am sorry for your problems no mater if you don't see any relevance
> > in problems of others even if you participate in them :) And please when
> > you find time, answer me questions that you missed this time in hurry.
> >
> > Wish you good work!
> >
> > Darko
> >
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Refije dirije lanmè yo paske nou posede pwòp bato.

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