[Foundation-l] Language subcommittee vs Montenegrin language - show time over again

Darko Bulatovic mail at itam.ws
Fri Apr 13 12:32:53 UTC 2007


I am glad that you joined this topic. Can you please tell me what 
discussion you referring to?

That one from November, when request was under attack and when our test 
wiki was attacked and vandalized? That discussion?  It was strange to me 
at that time that LSC just made change in policy after Montenegrin 
request. And it was ruled by new policy even it was finished under old 
one. So can I conclude that Montenegrin wikipedia was unwanted result:
> The reason
> for having a language committee in stead of the votes system of the past is
> because these votes created unwanted results.

Or maybe you have referred to this one which is deliberately spamed  to 
not let any reasonable discussion?

Please can you be more specific.

> The language committee does not want to comment of projects that were
> started in the past. It is not helpful and it makes no difference.
Why not? Is there any analyzed data which we could use as comparison and 
justify this method that LSC use now? Because I just see that LSC 
declared some tight rules that are not that tight, they are represented 
like that, and they are solely dependable on personal opinion not on 
wide acceptance. If you remember I have posted opinion of numerous 
respected linguists.

Thank you


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