[Foundation-l] Language subcommittee vs Montenegrin language - show time over again

Tomasz Ganicz polimerek at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 12:34:11 UTC 2007

2007/4/13, Sabine Cretella <sabine_cretella at yahoo.it>:
> Sorry, I forgot countries like Australia, New Zealand - well I don't
> want to be complete here.
> Ciao, Sabine

I think this answer is terribly rude. And this is not the first one
from LangComm members. I understand you work under pressure, but you (
I mean all LangCom subcommittee) constantly make two (or 3) PR

1. After making decision which is disliked by one or another project's
community you do not give detailed, specific and satisfying rational
reasons - it should be clearly broadcasted to the targeted community
and general Wikimedia community as well.
2. So, many people simply do not understand what and why you are
doing. Therefore they ask you questions on this list.
3. You do not answer clearly to the specific questions - even if they
are rational, and should be clearly answered.
4. From all your posts there is a feeling "We know everything better"

But, do you really know everything better? What are your academic
knowledge about Slavic, Arabic, Chinese, African languages? Do you
have experts from all these languages in LangComm? Or at least are you
trying to find them and ask for expertise, before making decision?

I recently asked this question due to your (IMHO) terribly wrong
decision about Belarusian Wikipedia. And has never got the answer. The
old Belarusian Wikipedia's community is still waiting for clear and
reasonably explanation of your decision, as it is still not

In a meantime I have found two experts (one from University of Warsaw,
and the second one from Univ. of Harvard) and they both couldn't
understand you decision about Belarusian Wikipedia as well.

I guess the advantage of the decision making process through the
committees is that it is assumed to be taken by experts, not by random
Wikipedians. But if you do not answer basic questions, do not explain
clearly your decision or make decision on the basis if there exist TV
set manuals in given language, how do you expect people will trust you
and accept your decisions? With such an attitude you can make more and
more mistakes and get more and more anger.

Tomek "Polimerek" Ganicz

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