[Foundation-l] How has Wikimedia Changed Your Life?

Martin Peeks martinp23 at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 10 16:43:08 UTC 2007

Before I start, my apologies if you've already read this message - I'm
posting in quite a few places for maximum visibility, as it's the only way
to get such an idea off the ground :).

As a part of the new Community Projects Group, a page has been set up where
you can tell Wikimedia about your "Success stories" with the projects in
real life.  For example, have you used Wikibooks or Wikiversity to learn a
new skill, or have you used Wikipedia or Wiktionary in education?  We want
to hear about what effect Wikimedia participation has had on you in real
life, and we'd also like you to tell us how you might have seen other people
using the projects for benefit.  Take a look at <
on meta, and tell us *your* experiences.


Martin (User:Martinp23)

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