[Foundation-l] Serbian wiki megalomania and robust and rude administrators

Solevic dragan solevicd at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 9 13:19:36 UTC 2007

Today I was blocked on 24 hours on serbian wiki sr:Корисник:Шолевић because I started to do same thing as others are doing, but I was little bit workaholic. They have thousands of articles with years BC. (before Christ), many years in future and centuries in future. They were reluctant to delete these articles since as I understood numbers of articles will fall down. Even administrators were doing same thing as I had done on hundred of articles, I have done ReDirection of 45. century to 4. milenium like other administrators, but they have first told me that I should not do that since number of articles will fall down. I ignore that and they blocked me. (SasAstefanovic, but DungoDung and Kale are also behind that action). Today I started to ask what policy they followed. They say obstruction of project.
Please do something. I think serbian wikipedia is really needed some rearangement. Out of 42.000 articles they have more than 10.000 articles with french small villages with usually less than 100 inhabitants. They have maybe 5.000 articles about years, but with nothing in it. They plan to do entering of 100.000 articles with minerals automatically. I could say they had crazy ideas and they need outside control. 

At least there is need to check all administrators. They have over 40 administrators and they maltreat normal users as soon as you start working.

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