[Foundation-l] Leaking (was:elections)

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Sat Apr 7 21:20:26 UTC 2007

Anthony wrote:

>On 4/7/07, Dariusz Siedlecki <datrio at gmail.com> wrote:
>>- One of the Board members asked us to know the results, promishing
>>s/he won't tell anyone
>>- The question of informing other Board members was raised. We all
>>were in favor of informing the whole Board, except Angela + Foundation
>>office employees
>>- The Board member who originally requested the results wasn't pleased
>>that we provided the results to all the other Board members (at least
>>that's what I understood from the email s/he sent) and forwarded them
>>to Angela
>>- The Board member who orig(blablabla) was concerned with Jimmy's
>>email and wanted to declare the elections illegal, but in the end we
>>continued them.
>Let's see then.  Not Angela, since she didn't get the results
>originally and she didn't forward them to herself.  Not Jimmy, since
>he obviously wasn't mad about his own email.  Ant expressed some anger
>publically over Jimmy's email, so it's my bet that she's the one who
>originally asked to know the results.
>Of course, it could have been Tim Shell or Michael Davis, I suppose.
I don't see this as useful speculation.  I would take Dariusz's 
narrative as a basis for informing future decisions about how this kind 
of thing should be prevented.  The time for finding fault or blaming is 
long past.


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