[Foundation-l] Version 0.5 CD *finally* released

Anthony wikilegal at inbox.org
Sat Apr 7 18:22:40 UTC 2007

On 4/7/07, Gary Kirk <gary.kirk at gmail.com> wrote:
> If you want to do your bit, donate to the Foundation so they receive
> 100% of what you give, and browse Wikipedia online - for nothing!
> This CD, while good news, is not targeted for Wikipedians with
> Internet access - or am I wrong there?
I dunno, is there even a way to order the CDs without Internet access?

When it comes out on DVD it'll be pretty neat.  Not useful, but I'd
probably buy one for a few bucks (not for $15, and I wonder if they'd
charge even more than that).  Wikipedia on USB would be even cooler,
especially if it automatically updated itself.  The CD is, well, a
version 0.5.


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