[Foundation-l] Version 0.5 CD *finally* released

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Sat Apr 7 16:38:23 UTC 2007

<whistles for Linterweb, and eclectic selections>
Congrats to everyone involved!


On Sat, 7 Apr 2007, Titoxd at Wikimedia wrote:

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Well, after a couple of snags that pushed back the release dates, 
Wikipedia 0.5 is finally available for commercial distribution. Thanks to 
Linterweb, one of the long-term goals of the Version 1.0 Editorial Team in 
the English Wikipedia has been accomplished.

The release consists of an eclectic selection of 1964 articles, selected 
over a period of one year, which span from Art to Zeus. It draws heavily 
on the English Wikipedia’s featured article base, to have it also be a 
showcase of the best of our work. The CD is available at 
http://www.wikipediaondvd.com, and sells for approximately €12 ($15 USD, 
£8.50) with part of the sales going directly to the Wikimedia Foundation. 
The CD is also publicly viewable online, and the CD’s ISO file is 
available as well.

Either way, as the number "0.5" indicates, we are not done; static 
releases, just like Wikipedia itself, are not finished, as they are works 
in progress. We're starting work on Version 0.7 soon, and as everything 
else on Wikipedia, "more eyes are always more better" (the bad grammar is 
intentional ;) ). After v0.7, if things go as planned, we intend to 
finally publish Wikipedia Version 1.0 and accomplish our goal. But we need 
everyone’s help.

As part of the Version 1.0 Editorial Team, I hope that you will enjoy and 
use our work, and we hope to provide you with more news of this kind soon.


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