[Foundation-l] Leaking (was:elections)

Dariusz Siedlecki datrio at gmail.com
Sat Apr 7 10:02:11 UTC 2007

Gah, I've written a lengthy email, but decided to check my Gmail
history and investigate it even further. Since I was an election
official, I can comment on this situation (although I wasn't that
active, I took part in this "leak" speciffically). Here's the whole

- One of the Board members asked us to know the results, promishing
s/he won't tell anyone

- The election officials were in favor (three people were active then,
two were for this)

- The question of informing other Board members was raised. We all
were in favor of informing the whole Board, except Angela + Foundation
office employees
- The Board member who originally requested the results got an email
with the STATISTICS (how many people from what projects did vote,

- I have personally emailed the four Board members + Foundation office
employees with the percentage results.
- The Board member who originally requested the results wasn't pleased
that we provided the results to all the other Board members (at least
that's what I understood from the email s/he sent) and forwarded them
to Angela

- Jimmy sent his email to foundation-l
- The Board member who orig(blablabla) was concerned with Jimmy's
email and wanted to declare the elections illegal, but in the end we
continued them.

That's all, in a nutshell. The problem was that we didn't have the
_authority_ to NOT give the Board the results (at least that's what we
thought). How should it be fixed this year? Having an independant
group is an option, but I think that just clearly stating that
something like this should not happen - or going even further,
prohibiting direct contact between the Election Officials and the
Board - wouldn't let a situation like that happen again.

Just to make it clear - I am fully responsible for my actions,
althought right now, looking back at them, I don't think that this
"leak" was really dangerous in any way to the elections (since Jimmy's
email didn't really "help" any other candidates, and nothing else was

That is all, I'm open for any more questions regarding this situation.

Dariusz Siedlecki

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