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Lodewijk, thanks for this email.

> 1.1) Pre-elections
> We could have, like in many presidential elections, have two
> elections. The first would be to decrease the number of candidates.
> The candidates we want in the final elections would be selected by an
> election. For instance, we have three seats available. We could have
> then select the six best in the pre-election, and let them go on the
> the "Finals". Disadvantage is that you still have to read everything
> (but maybe not that thorougly) in the first round.
> 1.2) Pre-*s*election
> We could state extra conditions to become candidate. For instance, you
> need 25 or 50 supports of your candidature by different Wikimedians
> with >1000 edits and 9 months experience on one project. Just for
> instance, the numbers can easily be changed. It's about the idea.
> Every serious candidate should be able to get these endorsements, and
> the candidates who won't state any chance, wont get these
> endorsements. Disadvantage is that you won't be able to foresee how
> many candidates there will be. Another disadvantage is that you will
> have bureaucratic problems with the checking of the endorsements.

I find both ideas equally good. We could maybe have both?
> 2) the time

> I think it should be possible to have the final elections in 3-10 days
> on the condition that it is outside the summer vacation.

Yes. Any length of time should include both a week-end and some
week-days. But this is a great proposal too. I would cap it at 4 to 7


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