[Foundation-l] enwiki-20070206 Wikipedia Thesaurus XML Dumps Posted

Jeffrey V. Merkey jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com
Thu Apr 5 07:29:12 UTC 2007

An XML Dump with  articles has been posted to:


This dump has been imported in a MediaWiki installation as an online 
Thesaurus compiled by a Machine interpreter from the English Wikipedia 
Dumps and the links these dumps contain.   Wiki links with a [[Article 
Name | phrase]] were used in this first run.   The XML dump is 
importable into MediaWiki
as a real time Thesaurus of word and phrase associations used by the 
English Wikipedia Community.   This same compilation can be done with any
languages that use MediaWiki and for which XML dumps exist.

The site is at:


I have not fully run the rebuildall.php script, so the full text search 
is rebuilding at present. 

Some interesting pages are:



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