[Foundation-l] Sanger's first post to Citizendium-l

Jeffrey V. Merkey jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com
Mon Sep 18 05:51:13 UTC 2006


This guy is crazier than I am (hard to believe). He is attempting to 
trade on Wikimedia's goodwill to
create publicity. This could get very down and dirty. Best thing is to 
restrict discussions to the chat rooms
to avoid leaving trails of bread crumbs for him to read on this list. 
That's his intent, to create controversy
and generate publicity. Be assured, he may start airing dirty laundry in 
public if momentun is not

I would give some humble advice to deprive him of the forum to do so 
(unless he wants to visit the chat room).



Kat Walsh wrote:

>Sanger has made his first post to the Citizendium list:
>Select quotes and a bit of commentary:
>"I have a suggestion from someone very high up in the Creative Commons
>organization that we should dual-license (CC and GFDL), which I simply
>hadn't thought of.  I'm inclined to think it's a good idea."
>I'd like to know how that would be compatible with working from
>Wikipedia content.
>"Speaking of naysayers, sure there have been a few on the blogosphere,
>but what was especially striking to me is that Wikimedia's lawyer and
>chief engineer both have said nothing but encouraging things to us.
>How wonderfully refreshing of them!  And huge numbers of people on
>Slashdot and elsewhere have come out saying that this is a good idea,
>and that we have every right to do it."
>Well, of course! That's what the "free content" bit is for, and I'm
>interested in seeing how well this one works. I'd actually like to see
>more projects coming from people who want to differ on some
>fundamental point; Wikinfo is perhaps the best go at this so far.
>"Personally, "Citizendium" rolls right off my tongue."
>OK, that part I find hard to believe. :-)

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