[Foundation-l] Development in Africa

Anthere Anthere9 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 17 02:06:54 UTC 2006

Since I am on it 
I'd like us to think along what we could more or less easily do to push 
our visibility and participation in African countries (may be the the 
same in other parts of the world as well).

I have identified the following solutions. Are they others ?

1. Increase awareness in the project

1.1 Identification of conferences where our participation might be 
relevant (focused on ICT, Education, Sustainable development, Culture)
Contact with organisers and proposal to participate and make presentations

1.2. Identification of big media group (make a list).
Contact and proposition of articles. Language focus: english, french, 
arab, portuguese.
Of course, include them in the list of press release.

1.3. Identification of specialized press (make a list)
Focus: Linux fanatics :-) Contact and proposition of articles

1.4. Identification of major NGO working on education and woman groups.
Contact. Provide them with a bit of "advertisment"

1.5. Contact of all major universities.
propose them teleconference (if they are equipped) or irl presentation 
(if that fit well with a formal conference or a trip)

2. Favor production of content in languages already developped
Cases such as RAFT or Wiki voices. If necessary, find money and someone 
to help coordinating this to ensure success.

3. Favor production of content in local languages

* Help Beta Wiki
* Contact local NGOs for help in translation interface
* Identification (now) of major languages (according to read/write 

Here are some thougts. Are they others ?
Who feel like helping take care of some of those points ?


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