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September 18, 2006 Monday



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Citizendium, a new venture, will "fork" off from online encyclopedia
Wikipedia, said Larry Sanger, one of Wikipedia's founders. Sanger,
dir.-collaborative projects for the Digital University Foundation,
spoke last week at the Wizard of OS (Open Source) Conference in
Berlin. Wikipedia is committed to anonymity; Citizendium will stress
personal responsibility for content, pushing for higher quality, he
said, noting that Wikipedia's anonymity draws troublemakers. On
Citizendium, content will be reviewed by editors who, while
self-selecting, will have to substantiate their expertise. If
Wikipedia had been admitting its problems, Sanger said, "I would have
been much less motivated to go on with Citizendium." Martin Haase, a
Wikipedia board member in Germany, said Wikipedia is working on
quality. Soon, the encyclopedia will have its own means of validation
and some editorial control, he said. Citizendium and Wikipedia can
coexist, Sanger said. His role in Wikipedia was called into question
years ago by fellow Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, spurring Sanger to
quit his position as "chief organizer" of Wikipedia. -- ME

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