[Foundation-l] Minimum standards for verifiability

valdelli at bluemail.ch valdelli at bluemail.ch
Sat Sep 16 11:06:35 UTC 2006

Wikipedia establish that if a group of persons has an opinion and 
another has got its own opinion, Wikipedia should take care of both 
(with different importance following the diffusione of the opinion).

Not all could be verified, but all could have a reason, if this 
reason has got some references it's a good point.

In any case the original points of view are not accepted.


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Oggetto: Re: [Foundation-l] Minimum standards for verifiability

Christoph Seydl wrote:
> * Are there any rules (minimum requirements) how verifiability 
should be
> designed in different Wikipedias?
> * Must there be a source for every included material (e.g. a 
basket is a
> cylindric vessel)?
> * Is it enough that only disputed material must be sourced?
> * May a poll abolish the requirement of verifiability?

When a point of view is "verified" by sources, it does not mean 
that the 
point of view is correct. There are sources that say that the 
is a lie. If this is true because of there being sources that say 
this is true, then there is a problem with the sources. When you 
say that a court of law proved that something is not true, than it 
is a 
known fact that the world is flat.


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