[Foundation-l] Wolf Mountain Group CEO Appointed/Wikimedia Foundation Issues

Jeffrey V. Merkey jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com
Sat Sep 16 07:55:30 UTC 2006

Ahead of the formal press release on US1, I wanted to maket the 
Foundation and Community aware of the following.

Dr. Dusty Delso has been appointed as the CEO of the Wolf Mountain Group 
and the Wikimedia Foundation point of
contact for all business and funding issues. 

Dr. Delso has left his position as the head of the Cherokee Nation 
Culture and Education programs and accepted his new role
effective October 2, 2006.  He remains the Dean of our School of 
Information Technology and our University and higher education
programs and remains heavily engaged in Cherokee Nation and Federal 
Programs for our people.   I will still update the Machine Translation meta
project but have turned over all WMG and Wikipedia project issues to him 
and Bryan Sparks, both of whom are now managing Wolf Mountain
Group.  I remain however, the largest shareholder and chairman (though I 
will be busy with another company which was just acquired
and I will be focued on this about 80% of the time from now on).  

I doubt Dr. Delso will dialouge on this list much or become involved 
heavily in community issues since he will be focused almost exclusively
on Federally funded programs for our Native American Languages programs 
with the Federal Government involving Wikipedia and the
Native Tribal Leaders and Linguists.   I will be available for any 
projects involving machine translation for any languages and hadling all 
technical matters with the WikiTrans program.    The Foundation may 
contact him directly if they wish to engage in discussions and joint 

Our projects involving Wikipedia content are moving to the next phase 
with the Federal Government and deployment to the various tribes
in North America.

Love you all,


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