[Foundation-l] Wikimedia Board Elections

Jimmy Wales jwales at wikia.com
Sat Sep 16 07:01:03 UTC 2006

It is very very important that everyone vote.

I personally strongly strongly support the candidacies of Oscar and 

Oscar is an amazing Dutch Wikipedian with strong support from that 
community but who does not have broad exposure in the English 
Wikipedia... I hope we can change that by introducing him to people.

Mindspillage is Mindspillage.  We all know and love her.  Give her some 

There are other candidates, some good, but at least some of them are 
entirely unacceptable because they have proven themselves repeatedly 
unable to work well with the community.

Please, everyone, vote... and vote for people who you can know and trust 
and care about as human beings.

I invite an open discussion here of the candidates.  This is your 
community, speak openly of who you trust and why.


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